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Chicago Area Home Remodeling

Qualified Remodeler Magazine Features our Chicago Area Home Remodeling Project

Our top-to-bottom award-winning Chicago area home remodeling project was profiled in Qualified Remodeler magazine, one of the leading national trade publications for the remodeling industry. Take a peek inside this striking transformation.

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12 Benefits of Synthetic Slate Roofing for Wayne IL Homes

It’s sometimes tricky trying to tell the difference between real and costume jewelry, isn’t it? Occasionally I’ll see a necklace or ring with such brilliance and — for a moment — think they’re genuine diamonds or gemstones, only to find out they are high-end, elegant pieces of well-designed costume jewelry that were made to look real. In certain circumstances, man-made materials have a better function and purpose than the genuine article. Let me explain.

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home remodeling in hinsdale

Home Remodeling in Hinsdale IL: Choose Exterior Trim that Lasts

Extremely cold winters and hot, humid summers … that’s just what we get in the Chicago area. Whatever happened to those average 70-degree partly sunny days we’re supposed to get in the spring and fall? Well, if every day were pleasant, there would be no need for me to write this blog. But because we live in the Midwest with harsh weather conditions on both ends of the spectrum, I want to discuss the serious matter of choosing the right type of long-lasting exterior trim. Home remodeling in Hinsdale IL means taking our weather into account before embarking on any project. Continue reading

professional organizer

Remodeling with Kids? Five areas that need a professional organizer

(Part two of a two-part series)

In my blog post earlier this week (May 5, 2014) titled “Home Remodeling with Kids? Include a Professional Organizer!”, I told you what a professional organizer is, what services they provide, the benefit of working with one, and why their expertise really matters, especially when you have children and are planning a home remodeling project. The main take-away message from my first blog post on this topic is that your design/build team should definitely offer the option to include a professional organizer when appropriate because they provide great value, suggest creative organizing solutions, save you time, help you avoid stress, and assist in maintaining life as normal as possible before, during and long after construction ends. Continue reading

professional organizer

Home Remodeling with Kids? Include a Professional Organizer!

(Part one of a two-part series)

It makes no difference if you have a brilliant mind, are successful in business, or run a super-tight ship at home: from time to time, we all struggle with staying organized. It’s not taboo to admit this! Go ahead and say it out loud. It’s OK. Sometimes this is most evident when we take on major projects, such as a whole-house remodel. “When did we acquire this much STUFF?” and “Why did we let this area get OUT OF CONTROL?” are two questions we find ourselves asking all too often. Continue reading

remodeling homes in wheaton il

Remodeling Homes in Wheaton IL? Ask about lead.

I love the charm, beauty and picturesque landscaping of towns like Wheaton, IL.  It has a small-town feel with top-rated amenities, schools, parks, businesses, shopping, recreation and more. If you’re not familiar with the City of Wheaton, read about just some of the reasons why this town is among my favorites in the Chicagoland area. Remodeling homes in Wheaton IL takes a special type of expertise.

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kitchen remodeling

Do Home Remodeling Contractors in Hinsdale IL Need Staff Designers?

Do Home Remodeling Contractors in Hinsdale IL Need Staff Designers? The short answer to this question is no, and the reason is that homeowners (clients) are always better served this way. Let me explain why home remodeling contractors in Hinsdale IL or anywhere else in the Chicagoland area don’t need their own designers on staff.

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home remodel

Can you stay in your home during a home remodel? YES.

When clients make a decision to remodel their home, the next question naturally is, “Can I stay in my home during a home remodel?” The answer is yes, most often you can. Of course if it’s an extensive whole-house renovation, we evaluate each project on a case-by-case basis. Because remodeling is one of our firm’s specialties, I have some important suggestions to share with you in order to make staying in your home during a remodel as safe and trouble-free as possible. Continue reading