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When building or remodeling, the product choices you make can be critical. They can be the difference between high- and low-maintenance living, enjoyment or frustration, and low ownership costs or high ownership costs.

We want to help make the product selection process as easy as possible. Making sound choices does not have to be exhausting and should never be based solely on price. Not all manufacturers are equal. Some continually improve and innovate while others try to rely on their “glory days” of when they were once good. The products on this page have received the highest performance marks from our staff and our clients, and we make it a top priority to provide reliable advice to our building clients.

At our core we are carpenters, and we still install many of our products every day. Our team knows what lasts and what doesn’t. Because of our depth of experience, manufacturers often involve us when gathering new ideas for products.

Featured Products


Why We Like Delta®

Delta/Cosella-Dorken may not be the most recognized name to our building clients, but we make it a priority to point out their benefits very early in our value engineering process. From foundation waterproofing to roof deck underlayments, Delta is our #1 manufacturer of the most sophisticated building science products on the planet.

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DaVinci Roofscapes

Why We Like DaVinci Roofscapes

Roofing can play a critical role in the aesthetic appeal of any custom home, but it also has to protect the home from the harsh elements for many years. DaVinci has mastered the science of manufacturing the most realistic composite slate tiles that look incredible. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they are easy to install and extremely durable.

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Miratec Trim

Why We Like MiraTEC®

Because we install many custom outdoor structures, we need trim products that are versatile enough to use in applications where any of the following may be required: the ability to bend, the need for different-size offerings to achieve specific design details, and the availability of smooth or wood grain to complete the look. MiraTEC® provides us with the best overall solution while still allowing us to use our standard wood-cutting tools.

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Eagle Windows Andersen

Why We Like Andersen E-Series Windows

All windows look great in a showroom. For years, the window industry has manufactured defective products causing many windows to fail prematurely. The result is expensive replacement in fewer than 15 years. The Anderson E-Series window incorporates a well-designed extruded aluminum sash that is designed for longevity. In addition, windows are made to order with many available features and options.

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Other Products We Recommend


schluter-shower-kitSchluter® Kerdi Shower Kit

Unfortunately, almost everyone has experienced a shower leak … and repairs can be expensive! We have tried most products on the market and found that Schluter waterproofing is the best insurance policy against leaks. It is also a sad fact that most contractors use no waterproofing in their showers! Demand Schluter on your project! Learn More»

no-coat-drywall-corner-systemNO-COAT® Structural Drywall Corner System

Drywall corner technology has come a long way from the nail-on-metal corner sold at Home Depot. Metal corners dent and the taping compound cracks when the corner gets bumped. Fixing this requires sanding, painting, etc. to repair. This structural corner becomes part of the wall and takes abuse with ease! Learn More»

usg-joint-compoundUSG Joint Compound with Dust Control

When remodeling with occupants living in a home, every bit of dust control helps. Donatelli Builders was part of the USG testing team  for this product, and we noticed that this formula controlled the dust before they shared the intended goal of this product. We already knew it works as promised. Learn More»

Interior Finishes

halliday-baillie-hardwareHalliday + Baillie Hardware

Cheap pocket door hardware makes it a chore to open, close and lock your pocket doors. Most individuals are not aware of the high-quality locksets and pulls that make a pocket door a pleasure to use. Halliday + Baillie has the best products money can buy. They look great and function flawlessly. Learn More»

hafele-hardwareHafele Hardware

When you want a pocket door to function smoothly, it all comes down to the quality of the sliding hardware and the skill of the installer. We have used the HAWA Junior 40/Z and 80/Z exclusively for our pocket door installations since 2010 and they operate as smooth as silk. Learn More»

Nest ThermostatsNest Thermostats

Most people leave the house at one temperature and forget to change it. So the Nest Learning Thermostat learns your schedule, programs itself and can be controlled from your phone. Teach it well and the Nest Thermostat can lower your heating and cooling bills up to 20%. Learn More»


There are several floor-heat manufacturers on the market, but we really like the ability for Nuheat to make custom matts that are less than 1/8” thick and ready to install. The thermostats are also great looking and easy to program. In addition to floors, these matts are UL approved for showers (wet areas). Learn More»

kohler-toiletsKohler Toilets & Plumbing Fixtures

Kohler is one of the companies out there that has continuously improved upon design and technology. The Class Five, Aqua Piston or Dual Flush models are some of the best-flushing toilets on the market. Plumbers love them, and they offer high-quality products in an array of styles. Learn More»

lutron-lightingLutron Lighting & Shade Controls

The Lutron RadioRa2 system offers a quick and reliable lighting and shade control system that is scalable so you can add to your basic system at any time. We like their systems’ convenience. Turn on lights automatically when you arrive and use the “all off” from one location as you leave. Learn More»


fantech-bathroom-fansFantech Bathroom Fans

This is the only product on the market that is UL approved to be installed in a shower. This means that you exhaust steam directly from the source. In larger bathrooms, larger fans and additional inlets can be used for the best moisture removal possible. Inlets can also double as a lighting source. Learn More»

dryerboxThe Dryerbox

The Dryerbox rough-in kit allows you to install your dryer tight to the wall without having to worry about crushing the exhaust vent. Not only does this gain space, but it also makes your home safer by reducing a chance of a lint-related dryer fire because of a crushed vent. Learn More»

Exterior Finishes

jeld-wen-aurora-doorsJELD-WEN Aurora Fiberglass Doors

There are several stainable fiberglass doors on the market, but the wood-like finish on the Aurora is hard to distinguish from real wood — even when the products are side-by-side. They took every step possible to make this as close to the real thing as possible without the effort required to properly maintain a real wood door. Learn More»

Ready Seal stainsReady Seal Wood Stains

Ready Seal Stain and Sealer for Wood is a professional-grade wood stain developed for commercial contractors and professional restoration experts, but is also available to homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. No matter what your wood type, you can expect professional quality results every time. Learn More»

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