The Diamond Difference

The Diamond Difference

A Message From Chris Donatelli


Reaching 25 years in business is a milestone for anyone. We’ve reflected on what’s made Donatelli Builders, Inc. successful. We really take to heart what our clients, collaborative design partners and vendors say about us. When referrals express to us what factors were critical in making the decision to call us and ultimately hire us to work on their home, we are reassured that our company’s core values are in line with theirs.

The Diamond Difference — Dedication, Details, Depth and Delivery — is a brief yet in-depth representation of who we are as a company and what advantages and securities we offer to our clients. It’s our pledge to you. Each word was carefully selected to reinforce our values and to ensure we perform on multiple levels. Our team takes this seriously, which means that you get a level of service that will exceed your expectations and make us your builder and remodeler of choice.

Dedication: Our Philosophy

Remodeling or new construction can be risky. Many builders may be strong in one area, but lack in others. For example, they might perform quality work, but their communications throughout the process are below your standards! Conversely, you could be dealing with a nice group of people who promise to update you, but they aren’t highly skilled where it matters most.

With dedication as our nucleus, we strive to excel in all critical areas without being good in only two out of three or three out of four areas. Our commitment to our clients is unending because of our:

  • Experience in the field
  • Abilities to do exceptional work
  • Willingness to educate our team and learn new things, including new construction techniques
  • Great, thorough communication and project management
  • Insight to develop better processes

From design feasibility and materials selection to project management and quality control, we are first dedicated on every level.

Details: Our Approach

With so many moving parts, being a trustworthy custom home builder requires meticulous planning and continual execution. At Donatelli Builders, we focus on the day-to-day, real-time details of the project at hand, maintaining extensive checklists to navigate our way through every phase. To consistently deliver this kind of results-driven efficiency, we created the Collaborative Building System, our trademark design and construction process.

We believe that quality reveals itself in the details of the project; this perspective guides our approach.

Depth: Our Expertise

Producing the desired outcome for our clients is no easy task. Many years of building, remodeling, repair and troubleshooting have given us insight into what works and what doesn’t. Once the drywall is installed, a number of critical framing and mechanical items are covered up. We place a heavy focus on these areas, relying on company-devised specifications and checklists to promote proper technique and longevity. Our unique on-site presence and awareness comes from years of hands-on carpentry experience.

Experience has taught us what needs to be done to deliver a superior product with a predictable outcome. It is this kind of depth that separates Donatelli Builders from the competition.

Delivery: Our Promise

Even the smallest project often requires the integration of several skill sets in a coordinated effort. Like the conductor of an orchestra, we work hard to provide a single source of leadership and accountability to personally ensure each project is a success. We also place a premium on open communication, making sure to keep our clients informed with updates throughout the process. Our commitment to delivery begins with the project, and is fulfilled only when our client is fully satisfied.

With our clients’ needs and expectations in mind, we treat design and construction as a single, integrated process. This results in a more efficient delivery of service.